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Beautiful People Review

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Beautiful people was launched in 2002 but received global attention in 2009 as it took a long time for people to accept its ultimate aim of connecting people based on physical appearance alone. It was criticized for its narrow-mindedness of approving members who they find attractive. The site had a warm welcome in the US and the UK due to extreme media attention. This is one of the best dating websites to meet singles who are charming, chivalrous and beautiful.

How it Works

Unlike other dating sites, you can’t create an account that easily as only 20% of people who apply are accepted on Beautiful People. And the worst thing is that even if you get approved, any changes to your physical appearance like baldness or weight gain may lead to termination of your account. On the contrary, Beautiful People uses fake profiles to draw attention which gives an impression that there are loads of good-looking members on the website. It’s kind of a business trick but naturally leads to lots of scammers on the site. Finally, the huge disappointment is that they do not guarantee whether the profile photos are real or appropriate. If you are wondering what kind of beauties are accepted, then you must definitely send a picture in a bikini to get your way into the site. They are not particular about the looks or features and most of them encourage you to be skinny and gorgeous.

The website asks intricate details about your physical traits that can drive anybody insane. Still, there’s no guarantee that your profile will be accepted. Members are allowed to rate your looks and if you get low marks, it can seriously affect your self-esteem. This could be disturbing for people who want to meet like-minded singles because you are never given a chance to express your thoughts or interests. Moreover, members can rate only the profiles of opposite-sex.


Since Beautiful People is a unique website, there are some amazing features that assist users in finding good-looking partners. They include:

☆ Activity Stream provides real-time updates when members post ideas, update their profile and upload photos.

☆ Once you are approved as ‘beautiful’ by other members, you get the privilege of rating others’ photos. There are some harsh ways of reacting like “absolutely not beautiful” which seems too critical.

☆ Beautiful People organizes parties, events, get-togethers for its members to have fun.

☆ One good thing about building your profile is that there’s a separate “interest” section that allows you to mention about your favorite music, books, activities, TV shows, sports to give an idea about yourself to others. “Similar Profiles” bring in different profiles that match the one you are browsing.

☆ Members can browse profiles based on different criteria like who viewed their profile, newest members on the site, who are currently online, top males or females and members in your area.

☆ You can connect your account to Gmail, Yahoo and Facebook and invite friends to join Beautiful People. But there’s no guarantee that they will get an entry just because they are your friends.

☆ The only mode of communication on this website is the ‘live chat’ facility. Other than that you can participate on forums.

☆ There are mobile apps for both iOS and Android users.


  • Singles looking to date beautiful women and handsome men can approach this website
  • Connect your account to social media sites
  • Mobile apps


  • Shallow nature of dating
  • Critically judging a person based on their looks

Bottom Line

Beautiful people is a very different dating website that acknowledges beauty as the primary component for attraction. Only beautiful and handsome people are accepted on this website that reduces the chances of meeting intelligent and smart partners. Looks or beauty cannot determine the character of a person which matters most for establishing a strong connection with an individual. Scammers and fake profiles hinder the experience of online dating on this website. The worst part is that if you become fat or less attractive, you will be rejected even if you are a premium member. It’s better to be sensible than wasting your time on Beautiful

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