Elite Dating Tips : Pointers of a Wrong Relationship

Most relationships begin on a high note. Everything may seem to be blissful and perfect at the initial stages. Your Mr. Right may flirt and blind you in so many ways; unexpected gifts, sweet messages frequent calls and dates.

Elite dating men can shower and entangle you with love. Therefore, before you invest emotionally and financially into a relationship, slow down to re-think clearly. Scrutinize the direction the relationship has taken.

Love might blind you from recognizing the danger signs. Watch out for the signals from the foundational stages.

The following are the indicators of a wrong relationship to beware of:

He is Non-committal

If your date makes many pledges and never fulfills them, this is a warning. A gentleman shouldn’t be hasty in making commitments. For example, anybody who promises to take you out or introduce you to his friends but never keeps his word is a liar. Such a partner could be merely flattering you and therefore shouldn’t be taken at his word. Don’t trust him even with your heart!

Coerces you into splitting the bill

Before asking a gorgeous girl for a date, have a plan for the occasion. Why take a lady to a dinner and demand to share the bill with her? If your boyfriend always comes up with excuses and you end up footing the bill, walk out of the relationship. It’s not worth investing into the affair.

Communicates often with his ex

Before you think of starting another love relationship, make it clear with your ex. It is improper to pretend to have moved on, while you have left a part of your heart with your former.

Here is how to identify such a partner; he who proceeds into the next affair with mixed thoughts:

You can always find him chatting and calling his ex.

In your discussions, the name of the ex regularly shows up

He compares you to his previous girlfriend(s).

Anybody depicting such behavior hasn’t cut his links from the past relationship. It could be but a short time before he rekindles their love. You don’t have any roots here. Move on. Must you be a like a spare wheel?

Secretive about his family and friends

When you are proud of your love, you will be free with her. You would be happy to introduce her to your friends and family members. You will then attend parties, wedding, and public shows together. When your man can’t allow you to accompany him to any public show, think twice. Which rich man won’t be proud showing off his latest youthful catch? Especially a younger woman who love older man?

He has many “issues” in his life

You have been going steady for quite a period, and the two of you are happy together. But soon you realize your sweetheart has many problems in his life:

He doesn’t get along well with his relatives.

He has many unresolved cases at his workplace.

He is always in financial crisis.

The list could be endless. When you get involved with such a person, you will have many difficulties to solve.

Tells lots of lies

Elite dating sites provide an avenue for meeting your loved one. The initial task may consist of unraveling someone’s background. During your first few dates, try to confirm some of the details he’s been telling you online. If all are untrue, then you have a reason to walk away. Don’t build a relationship on lies.

You assume he’ll change

Walking into someone’s life and then hoping to transform him into a better person isn’t real. The fact that you are longing to alter him means you are uncomfortable with him. You have unmasked him, and therefore, can see the warning to restrain; Follow your heart and walk away. The truth is he won’t be any better. You are worth having other rich men dating you.

Makes all the decisions

When two people discuss and agree on an issue, it becomes mutually binding. It isn’t pleasing to date someone who makes all the decisions by himself. If he doesn’t value your contribution then to him, you are not an equal partner. He would possibly start ordering you on all matters.

He ever criticizes and blames you

Everybody has a weak point somewhere. A partner, who always finds faults in you and never appreciates your work, is difficult to tolerate. A “fault finder” will never recognize any positive trait in you. He will by no means make you feel valuable, loved and appreciated.

A man who has the courage to ridicule you before his friends should be questionable. Such a friend will ever hold you responsible for any mishap that occurs in the relationship.

Dating provides the best period to experience love flowing through your veins. Ask rich women dating young men how to perfect the skill. A sugar mummy would make you feel like a king.

Are you several months into a relationship and still feel nothing at all? It could be a warning for incompatibility. Listen to your instincts and recount your steps.

If you encounter several of the above signs at the start of your relationship, terminate it. Because the reality is if you don’t act, you’ll soon be nursing a broken soul.


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