Elite Singles First Date: 10 Ideas for Better Conversation

elite singles dating


Online dating is very convenient for the current generation. Your nature of work may occupy most of your time thus infringing on your social life and hence the need for the elite dating website.

But there comes a time when you have to meet for the first date. It could be a tensing moment, especially when you aren’t sure of what will form the center of your conversation with a wealthy man. So what can help you maintain a relaxed posture?

The following ideas will, therefore, help you prepare and keep the better conversation on your first date:

Build that confidence beforehand

Gaining the confidence to talk to a lady might hard for the first moment. But after the first verbal conversation, the tension breaks and the light moments crops in.

So for the first time,   don’t ask your woman for a date through text- do it verbally or call her! By so doing, you will get used to her tone.

Ask her about the important event of the day.

If you are meeting your date for example, in the late afternoon, the question could be a real opener. It will help you learn about the events the woman had undergone that define her moods at the moment.

Understanding her attitude may help you set the course for the conversation. If your young girl raises complaints about several unfortunate events of the day, then she may be in a bad mood.

In that case, she needs a more listening than talking partner.

What do you admire most about your current job?

Up to the level of considering the first date, you must have got a hint of what the lady does for a living. Asking the question would make her open up to the exciting experiences at the workplace.

You might then hear about her daily work routine and possibly her dream job. You might learn whether she likes her job or does it merely for money. The answer to the question, therefore, could reveal some of her traits and help you know if you share the same future goals.

What pisses you most?

Actually, at the first moment, it is wise to learn about those habits that turn off your love. Those little awkward behaviors like nail biting or talking with your full, will put you off or spoil your elite dating scene.

The sooner you learn about her major turn off the safer you are with her!

What do you do in your spare time?

The intent of asking the question is to know if your partner is out the door or indoor loving. Learn more about the activities she frequents on her free time, what she enjoys most. Dig dipper on her profile and ask questions relevant to her hobbies.

It’s one way of letting your girl take center stage and showing an interest in her life; allowing the conversation revolve around her.

Tell me more about your closest friends

Wait for a chance when your woman brushes about a friend then dig dipper. Tell her you would want to know more about her best friends. You will then know about where and with who spends most of her time. The success of any affair rests much on understanding your partner better.

Tell me about your happiest memorable moment

A significant happy time is an important topic. Talking about a particular unforgettable thrilling moment will light up one’s face. Not only will this bring back her moods, but it will open up a window and help you forge an intimacy with your elite single’s personal life.

What is the one thing that makes you nervous?

Most ladies get terrified quickly, for example, at the site of a spider or frog. Start by revealing what terrifies you most before letting her contribute to the topic.

Your goal is to let those particular activities or insects, for example, she could be a victim of stage fright.

Whether it is millionaire dating or not, the first date should be dominated by a free conversation with the aim of getting to know your partner better. It shouldn’t feel like you are interviewing her.

When and where can we meet again?

Before parting ways, let your partner choose the venue and time for your next date. That could be the best chance of learning about her favorite restaurant. It’s also an intelligent way of you appreciating her company and, therefore, willing to meet her again.

Don’t leave her guessing whether there will be a second date or not.

What’s your favorite movie or novel?

Wealthy men belong to a particular class even in taste and preference. Therefore, the rich men dating may prefer explicit films.

Sometimes you might run out of what to talk about on a first date. Those staring awkward moments or silence are the worst. The above questions might help you initiate the right conversation.

However, make sure not to turn the date into a job interview. Don’t ask one question after the other. Have some light moment and let the conversation flow in an intelligent manner.


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