The Good and the Bad Side of Dating Older Men

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The Good Side

The age gap relationship is not a new concept in the current generation. Talk about Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. However in most cases, when a younger woman is attracted to an older man, the gossip would be she is a gold digger.

However, a critical analysis of older men dating young women reveals the following advantages and disadvantages;

Experienced to challenging and tough decisions

An older man has gone through life’s training, and therefore more experiences. Having gone through difficult times, he has acquired many survival skills including how to stay focused and optimistic. For example, he presents an open mind when facing decision making.

Besides, he may have learned the hard way how to manage his finances. When you are in such a relationship, your sugar daddy will teach you a few tricks about life.

Financial backup

Although money doesn’t guarantee happiness in a relationship, it does play a key role. Older men are more financially stable.

While dating such rich men, even if you lose your job abruptly, you can still survive on his income for a period while still seeking the next employment. Many relationships or marriage woes stem out of financial instability.

More focused

Unlike younger men still hoping from profession to profession, wealthy men have already defined jobs or businesses. By extension, he, therefore, has known what he wants out of life. Such rich men dating younger women have already drawn out business plans and investments.

Has emotional security

An experienced person has better control over his feelings. A younger man gets emotionally disturbed when he sees his girlfriend mingling with other males. Mature men understand the benefit of trusting someone and giving him some freedom. With such a man as your partner, you won’t have to give lengthy explanations about your friends.

The Bad Side

Not ready for settling down

When you are in love with a single older man, settling down may not be his priority. He might have been divorced and hence not ready for new marriage, or he might be single by choice.

On the other hand, the young woman might be interested in settling down. Moreover, the older guy might be having young kids from the previous marriage. Such a relationship bears more issues to be ironed first before considering settling down for the wedding.

Has a pre-defined way of life

When you decide to be in the age gap relationship, you have to fit in his lifestyle. The reason is, such a man has gotten used to a particular way of life. Changing this lifestyle or expecting him to relent some of this undesired habits is next to impossible.

Closely resembles a fatherly figure

At times the difference between two dating individuals might be so significant that a large part of the population may comment on him being your father. Such a comment if persistently replayed may make the two people feel insecure.

Might not be readily accepted by your parents

When you are in the age gap relationship, it might be tough to convince your parents that the mature man is your marriage partner. The parents will view such a relationship as bizarre.

Uncomfortable encounters

Depending on your society’s setup, you may end up being the subject of discussion. Such a young woman in an affair with a man far older than herself will constantly get strange stares and questions. At times even your friends might not readily accept your taste; many will claim you are purely involved with the man for financial gain only.

Older men younger women dating have both its pros and cons. However, it’s a relationship currently being explored by many people.




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