Tips for Elite Dating: 3 Clever Techniques for Talking to a Woman and Keeping Her Interested


This is one of the most confusing topics for Elite dating where older men that are dating younger women. This makes them feel puzzled when it comes to keeping an alive conversation that is not only effective but also keeps her interested in you. This is very much important to have a discrete idea about the type of woman you are dating and the relevant ideas to keep her interested in talking with her.

In this article, we will focus on the three clever tips that are quite useful in keeping an interesting and active conversation with your woman. These tips will help you understand the different aspects of women psychology that are working in a relationship that are concerned with elite dating.

These will also help you in interacting with the women in a positive manner and keep her interested in your talks so she enjoys your company. It is also useful in meeting the levels that may tend you to lose heart while talking to her as you both share different interests. So here we go to find these clever tips that you are searching on the internet for elite dating.

  1. Listen what they say: If you want that your woman should listen to you and take an interest in your talks then you have to master the art of listening. This is the foremost step in taking a stride into building an interesting conversation with your woman. Most of the people that have mastered the art of listening are found to be brilliant in building interest of the woman to interact with them.

This is important because of many reasons; first being that you are getting clues about her interest areas and her likings that help you in taking the hold on a conversation. When you are listening and show interest in what she is talking you are putting an undivided attention in her that satisfied her to a larger extent.

This develops a feel of self-esteem in them and helps her to open up to you; which is very much essential for having an interesting interaction. So if you want your partner to take interest in your talks while elite dating, you must first listen to her carefully.

  1. Cut short your talks: This is the basis of effective communication. It is said that if you cannot tell a story in a line, then it cannot be used for making a feature length movie. The same holds true here and you have to cut the chase; it is important to let your woman feel that you respect her intelligentsia.

After you have started listening to her carefully; you make start with saying small things that you understand about her interest areas in brief. That helps her to ensure that you are not the “preacher type” material. While elite dating effective communication starts with brief explanations about the topics that you are discussing. Always try to focus on the areas that are related to her rather than talking aloud about your achievements. Let her feel that you want to know more about her so she is interested in talking with you.

  1. Respect her views: At times during elite dating, you may fall into a situation where you have to break the ice and start the conversation. This is the best time to let her open up to you by starting out with the simple question like” I was wondering that you are an expert in … (her interest area/profession/…And more)”. This will let her speak with you about herself. In turn during elite dating if you come across the topics where you both have a difference in opinion don’t force your ideas on her. Ensure her that you have respect for her ideology.

These three tips are highly effective in winning the date and keep her interested in talking to you.

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