Top 10 Christmas Elite Dating Ideas

The thought of Christmas brings along memories of gifts, parties, and the family gets together again. It’s a time when people’s expectations of rewards are high. It is the best time to give an unexpected treat to that girl you cherish in your life.

It could be almost a year since you first met on the elite dating sites. So you would like to refresh on the good times you’ve had together.

Consider the following Christmas holiday dating ideas as a man:

#1: Create some time to be together

Your nature of work may require you to be away from your mate. All you could invest in were online dates. So as the holiday nears, think of you girlfriend.

Remember how she has been patiently waiting for your return. Reward your young girl this Christmas. As a sugar daddy dating a young woman, the best present to her is your physical presence.

Be there for her. Take away those cold and lonely nights from her mind.

#2: Confess your love to her on a video clip

Create a chance and record a short video clip for your love. Remind her of your first ever meeting. Bring out those crazy times you were chasing her. Highlight on some of the best times you‘ve had with her. Re -assure your woman of your love.

#3: Impromptu Vacation

Go for the unplanned visit to the museum. Take a tour to a location full of the fun activities that your date would enjoy, for example ice-skating. Stroll through the park while holding hands together. Enjoy being served with meals other than struggling to prepare it yourself.

You can then retire to bed and play around till dawn in the hotel.

#4: Throw a party and celebrate together

Make a bash and invite all your friends to the celebration. Make sure to invite your childhood and old school friends. Friend’s reunion party will bring back those lost memories.

Dance along to your old favorite tunes and recall your youthful days.

But if you are still single and looking for dates, how about attending the elite singles party? However, if time and finance allow, make the party and invite your single friends.

Luck might be on your side; this could be the beginning of dating wealthy men or women.

#5: Prepare and serve her homemade chocolate in bed

The trick is making this holiday lively and worth remembering. Wake up early enough and bake some chocolate for your date.

You don’t have to be a chief chef to do this. Just bake it for her, all in the name of love. Serve her breakfast in bed together with the hot chocolate.

Very few things expresses love like being imaginative and taking your time to make a gift for your partner.

#6: Invite her to the end year party at your workplace

Most employers make parties for their employees towards the end of the year. Before going to such parties, dress your charming girl to her best. If possible, buy her a beautiful dress and a matching pair of shoes just for the party.

The new outfit will forever remind her of that Christmas party.

#7: Re-visit your favorite dating scenes

Every couple has important scenes relating to their relationship.

The memorable events could be any of the following:

  • Where you first spotted your lovely woman e.g. hotel or club
  • Where you held your first date and dance
  • Tour these places and open up your heart to your partner. Tell her how you felt on your first kiss or how nervous you were to ask her out.

#8: Update you dating profile

Online dating activities increase during festivities with the climax on Valentines Day. So for elite singles, you stand a better chance of securing a date.

Make sure your dating site profile is complete and upload the best portrait of yourself. Since you are single, you have all the freedom, unlike married couples. Accept every invitation to all parties.

Attending the parties could be an excellent way of meeting your dream date.

#9: Join a volunteer group

Give out a free service to the homeless, refugee camp or the less fortunate in the society. Let them feel it is Christmas time.

By so doing you’ll learn to recognize how lucky you are.

#10: Shop together with your partner

Shopping with your partner at your side in a mall could be fun. But you better first agree on your budget. Use the opportunity to pick out presents for your friends.


Chance to reorganize your life

If this season has found you disorganized, don’t worry. Take this moment to plan on what’s coming ahead. Think of who you would want to date. Decide on the possible places and how to meet that person.

Just don’t let loneliness overwhelm you.

If nature has been kind enough to give you an attractive face, then that’s an added advantage. Just visit some rich men dating sites, and you could land a wealthy man.

Make this festivity season memorable by implementing the above ideas. Your lucky girl will forever be thankful to you.


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